Our Gastro-Intestinal Model

Our newly acquired TWINSHIME system are runs two gut model in parallel, with all environmental parameters completely identical. This allows to perform placebo-controlled in vitro studies or the direct comparison of the intestinal fate of two products under identical conditions without interference of external parameters.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • The complete gastrointestinal tract is simulated, from stomach to descending colon.

Easy sampling of all regions allows to generate detailed mechanistic information on the intestinal fate of study compounds, such as factors affecting the bioavailability of active compounds (e.g. formulation or matrix effects), metabolic/fermentative processes which affect the structure or nature of active compounds and local activity profiles in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • The specific setup of the SHIME® allows to perform long-term experiments (up to several months) with a stable, in vitro-adapted microbial community and using physiologically relevant product doses.
  • The possibility of sampling big volumes from each colon area allows to perform parallel analyses without impacting the resident microbial community.


For more info please contact Prof. Alojz Bomba through: alojz.bomba@upjs.sk