CLS is a  competence and  resource hub that connects complementary scientific and research facilities of academia and innovative industry in order to exploit the potential of joint efforts and collaboration. CLS offers following equipment with free capacity for collaboration:

  • TWINSHIME (simulator of the human intestinal microbial ecology) – click here to find more
  • germ-free pig and mouse models, gnotobiotic animals, diet-induced atherosclerosis model, chemical-induced colorectal cancer model
  • Real-time PCR system, RX Daytona clinical chemistry analyzer, Xcelligence, 2D PAGE DIGE-SDS electrophoresis, nano LC-MS system, Q-TOF Ultima electrospray MS/MS, MALDI TOF/TOF Bruker Ultraflextreme, MALDI Imaging  Bruker ImagePrep, spotter Bruker Proteineer fc II, GC-MS quadrupole system, software Bruker Compass 1.3 for FLEX series, PDQuest, Bio-Rad imaging instruments, ProteomeWorks spot cutter, Protein Prospector, MASCOT, Proteomics, METLIN, Agilent Mass Profiller, NIST – AMDIS, NIST-MS-Search, Fiehn MS Search and Wiley’s NIST/EPA/NIH 2011
  • Group of Companies “Agro-Food Platforms” currently united 170 organisations – National Leaders in different fields of KBBE including modern-equipped JSO Certified Diagnostic Labs; Technology Transfer Companies; Research Institutes of NASU and Universities, SMEs and Big Industrial Companies. All relevant to the KBBE profile research equipment and expertise are available to carry out morphological, cytological, gene, microbiological, immunological, biochemical, biophysics, mathematic, statistical studies among all 3 countries. Collaboration is highly required for the promotion of implementation in practice already developed, pilot tested innovative technologies and proposed products.