Dissemination of Project Achievements – Horizon 2020 and other Frameworks

CLS acts also as professional disseminator of scientific achievements and innovation within the field of life and medical sciences.

Dissemination refers to the process of making the results and deliverables of a project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience. Dissemination is essential for the success of any project and for the sustainability of outputs for the benefit of the general public in the long term.

It is the mission of CLS to enable cross-border and international co-operation and communication between scientific institutions, individual scientists and stakeholders in order to accelerate implementation of innovations, knowledge exchange, facilitate international co-operation and disseminate new scientific insights to the professional and general public by the means of state-of-the-art on-line tools, off-line media and international scientific conferences, symposia, meetings, press-conferences.

At project level, information and communication concern collecting and presenting project activities, experiences, results to potentially interested users in order to increase the knowledge of the projects among stakeholders and general public. In the process, various tools are used: publications, press releases, documentation, websites, expositions, conferences, videos, video news releases during the project but also as actions of ex-ante and ex-post dissemination.