CLS functions  as a central connecting point for multiple research facilities in the promixal region of Kosice and within the cross-border region of Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and offers these competencies and experience for collaboration:

  • experimental studies in biomedical research (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics), immunology, microbiology, molecular biology
  • in vitro models, in vivo models of atherosclerosis and cancerogenesis, germ-free and gnotobiotic animal models
  • in vitro simulations of the human gut
  • proteomics platform including analysis of complex protein mixtures, the comparison of proteomes from cell/tissue/organism, identification and quantification of proteins
  • metabolomics workflow including discovery and targeted metabolomics with profiling and identification of metabolites with spectral library and database searching
  • genomics platform with qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids up to genome wide gene expression, genotyping and gene dose analysis
  • In each chosen call – pre-formed Consortium that includes few SMEs and S&T
  • Innovative and Certified idea as scientific background specific to the targeted task of each separate call
  • Newly proposed innovative functional (food) products and nano-smart-biomaterials
  • Techniques and Models (in vitro, in situ, cell, animal models, clinical trial etc.)
  • Bench of unique patented practical methodologies and personal professional skills
  • Internal and External networks, sustainable partnerships, WP and tasks Leaders