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Members have proven track record of internationally recognized achievements within their respective field of expertise, research or innovation. In order to enable highest possible synergies of collaboration only achiever organisations gain membership.

Among CLS members common understanding prevails that institutional and individual integrity is the inevitable foundation of sustainable co-operations.

When seeking for new opportunities of collaboration we always say what we think and do what we say. We have in common an abundance mentality and sense of urgency when delivering on our promises, agreements.


Institute of Experimental Medicine, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University Košice, Slovak Republic

Research and consortial contribution in subject areas of health, disease prevention, chronic diseases management, atherosclerosis, cancer, effect of natural bioactive substances,  gut microbiota, probiotics, prebiotics, functional foods and health claim substantiation. Contact

R&D Centre for Molecular Microbiology and Mucosal Immunology,Uzhhorod National University

Immune cell transfers, tissue immunohistochemistry, isolation and purification of immunce cell populations, cell culturing, investigating cellular and humoral immune response, development of germ-free and gnotobiotic models. Contact

Institute of Animal Physiology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Košice, Slovak Republic

Developing strategies for prudent use of antiboitics, optimisation of therapeutic use of antimicrobial substances, research of digestive physiology and  nutrition, explore reproductive  biotechnology. Contact

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy Košice, Slovak Republic

Identification of viral and bacterial pathogens, study of the cell–pathogen interactions on the base of molecular-genetic and proteomic approach, the solving of current epizootological problems, increase the immune response against infectious pathogens by beneficial bacteria or other biologically active substances, development  the new application forms of beneficial microorganisms and other biomodulators.

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Research and development of physico-chemical  analytics, structural analytics, characterisation of chemical systems and biosystems. Development of catalytic and enzymatic processes, chemical-engineering systems. Contact

Eszterházy Károly College, Egerfood Knowledge Centre, Eger, Hungary

Research and development of food safety control pathways, incubating food and food chain related innovations. Evaluation and develeopment of novel food examination methods, critical food safety parameters and analytical devices. Contact

Slovak Technology Platform – Agro-Food

Realization of scientific and technical innovative potential of Slovak scientists and business representatives via the establishment of strong connection with national program and promotion of  active and reliable partnership with international consortia and partners. Contact

Department of Food Hygiene and Safety, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Main  research focus is on risks in the food chain as micro-organisms, toxins, foreign matter, chemical contaminants, a degradation of the nutritional value of foodstuffs, or a pest infestation. Food allergens identification, food traceability using molecular markers, nutritional genomic and sensory analysis of food. Contact

AgriSearch Hungary

Investigating the affect of management and nutrition on the safety of food of avian origin, poulty meat and  egg.  Research of environment friendly and sustainable nutrition regimes in poultry breeding. Evaluating nutritional methods  to enrich eggs for human  consumption  with functional ingredients  such as  omega fatty acids, vitamin D or essential trace elements. Contact

Applied Bio & Ecosystem Solutions

Development of solutions using metagenomics, bioinformatics and large-genetic data exploitation and related R&D activities. Targeting emerging biotechnological, environmental and medical challenges and needs. Contact


Development of  health promoting functional foods based  on controlled germination of nutrient rich plant seeds. Investigating procedures to eliminate anti-nutritive factors  and  enhance functional component content  such  as  omega fatty acid in nutrient rich plant seeds for the use in human nutrition as functional food ingredients. Contact


Production of traditional dairy products with focus on functional food development. Investigation  and  development  of functional dairy products in order to beneficially modify the human gut  flora. Contact


Development of technologies for the detection of human and animal infections. Production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic purposes. Research  and  development of immunobiological compounds. Contact


Research of nanostructured materials – such as noble metals, metallic oxides, complex liquids, reactive nanoparticles and surfaces – which can be directly used in industrial processes, and can easily be formed into products. Development of non-wetting, self-cleaning, anti-corrosion, anti-icing and antimicrobial surfaces. Contact


Preparation of screening compounds, building blocks, synthesis of heterocycles, chiral and non-chiral compounds, carrying out hydrogenations, pressure reactions, microwave reactions, deep cooling reactions. Contact

Pamida International

Professional disseminator of scientific achievements within the field of life, medical science and technology. Facilitator  of  international co-operation and dissemination of new scientific insights to professional and public stakeholders  by the  means of on-line tools, off-line media and international scientific conferences, symposia, meetings. Contact


Development and  production of  health promoting  functional cereal bars. Investigating functional food properties of cereals in order to develop health promoting affects, such  as lower blood cholesterol levels  and  improved digestion in different age groups. Contact